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                Shenzhen City Shinmi photoelectric Co.,Ltd

                LED Meteor Lights ,Meteor Lighting,LED Meteor Lights,LED Meteor Rain Light
              2. 300mm 450mm 500mm 800mm
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              5. 产品介绍
              6. LED Meteor Lights ,Meteor Lighting,LED Meteor Lights,LED Meteor Rain Light



                Led meteor light 
                1, CE&Rohs 
                2, waterproof IP65 
                3, DC12V (AC90-265V) 
                4, simple to use, light weight

                50CM led meteor light



                Input voltage: AC90-265V

                working voltage: DC12V

                colors: red, green, yellow,blue ,white

                Could offer single color, or mix colors in a set


                Information of a set:

                10pcs 50cm/80cm led tubes 



                Widely used in bars,disco hall, hotel lobby, garden plaza, pedestrian street, garden, dance halls,parks, roads, stairs, gardens and also can be hanged in the tree.

                1. Hotel decoration lighting

                2. Street decoration lighting

                3. Tree decoration lighting

                4. Shopping mall decoration

                5. Ideal choice for festival celebration 




                1.By express: Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX  ect . The time is about 3-5 will search for 
                a economical shipping company to transport the goods safely.
                2.Air Freight: When you order more than 100kg which will be more economical than express.
                3.Sea freight: We will update sea freight later once we know to which sea port goods will be delivered.
                4.Agent designated by client: Please tell us the contact details of your shipping agent/forwarder.
                Promise: We never add extra money on freight cost. We will return the extra cost to you if we calculte more weight.